VC Blackthorn's Absolutely Bonnie G MH

Bonnie is the foundation dam of Shore Shot Kennels. Her titles speak for them selves as a very powerful, stylish and accomplished female! She is an intense natural backer....when bonnie backs you know it because dust flies up in your face! She overall has a hard charging style to everything she does whether it be wild bird hunting or training field work. She has an excellent nose and a high prey drive but she is well mannered in the house and loves children as well as other dogs. Bonnie is cooperative and lives to please which made training for all levels of testing pretty easy. Bonnie completed all her Titles by 2.8 yrs old. Her litter of pups all show great trainability paired with cooperation. All of Bonnie's past litters have earned NAVHDA Natural Ability Awards! Her final litter which was sired by the famous Josh (VC HOF Crystal's Up Close N' Personal MH CD) is well on their way to a UT and VC Breeders award in the coming years! Bonnie has also produced several NAVHDA UT Titled dogs and several with AKC field trial placements! Bonnie is now spayed and turning 8 years old soon. She is happily living life with us hunting her heart out and helping to train younger dogs including many of her own puppies! 


NAVHDA NA Prize 1-112 at 5 months old

NAVHDA UT Prize 1- 201 at 17 months old

NAVHDA Versatile Champion Pass 196

AKC Master Hunter

Health Clearances 

PENN HIP  0.28 L  0.27 R  80%





Ocean County NJ

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